Wie ich die Welt sehe / The World as I see it

Deal 12 "IT-cards" (small cards) to each player. One Player (the owner of the game?) starts the game. He is "idwasi" (the "individual who describes the world as he sees it"). He reveals the top card of the My-World-Deck (bigger cards) and confronts the opponents with a problem:

"Arguing children? That does not have to be! I recommend intervention with... " With?

All other players play (face down) one of their IT-cards (which they think good to solve this problem/situation.) One unowned IT-card from the stack is added (unrevealed). Now the "idwasi" shuffles all the cards and reveals them, reading them to the other players. Possible played cards might be:

"witches", "homemade paper", "herd of mountain gorillas", "Mc Donalds"

The "idwasi" then chooses the "best" of all the played cards. He is free to choose whatever card he likes. He may choose a logical / poetical / funny / absurde solution... If he chooses a card of another player this player gets the "My-World-card" as a victory point and is the "idwasi" for the next turn. All other players may replace the small card they played. (therefore a players hand plus his victory points allways add up to 12)
If the "idwasi" chooses the unowned card (from the stack) he looses a victory point and has to be "idwasi" for another turn. (In fact he may change his name to "tafkai" - "The artist formerly known as idwasi")

With 7 Victory points you win the game. (with more than 5 players rather with 6 or 5 points).

"My-World-cards" with 2 clouds (gaps) require 2 "IT-cards" from each player (and the stack) in correct order. Shuffling of the cards should keep the card-pairs together and ordered . Perhaps the "idwasi" could just turn his head and another player "shuffles"...

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